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Welcome to my new blog at Up to this point I had been using, but I thought it was time to get to a place I could stretch my wings a bit. Especially considering what the rest of this entry is about…

You may or may not know that I (somewhat quietly) re-joined Oracle and the ORDS team in October of 2017. My first task was to work on building screens for Oracle APEX’s REST Workshop so that REST Services would be built on top of ORDS instead of having it’s own separate set of REST service definitions. APEX EA-1 is out now for your perusal, so please go, test, and provide feedback!

While I certainly have more to do to help perfect those screens, I’m also embarking on a “little side project” that will hopefully be of fairly broad interest.


Starting this month and continuing for, well, as long as it takes I’ll be writing a blog series that demonstrates building a non-simplex, real-world application from scratch. The application will include the use of:

  • Oracle Data Modeler
  • Oracle SQL Developer
  • Oracle Application Express
  • Oracle REST Data Services
  • Oracle JET
  • Perhaps a few others such as Visual Builder Cloud Service

My goal is to go through the steps I would normally traverse when building an application for a paying client and blog those steps as I go. My hope is that this will be a “soup-to-nuts” example of how I would approach solving problems, implementing designs and building a robust application.

In the process I aim to provide real wold examples of:

  • Using Modeler to design and implement a complex data model
  • Designing PL/SQL with REST-ifying it in mind
  • Designing and building an APEX application beyond EMP/DEPT
  • Multiple levels of authorization for Admins, power users, users, etc
  • Integrating Oracle JET libraries (outside of charts) into APEX (i.e. the Diagram Libraries)
  • Building REST API’s on top of Relational TABLES and Packages
  • Securing REST Services for use by approved client applications
  • Building client applications using the supplied REST services
    • APEX
    • JET
    • VBCS

There is a lot I don’t know about some of these technologies, so there will be a definite learning curve. I’ll be blogging about that too.

In addition, everything I create will be open source and freely available to everyone to use however they want.

To keep track of the progress you can follow the category “ALL-THE-THINGS“.

I look forward to doing this and getting your feedback as we go. In the next few days I’ll be outlining the application I’ll be building and giving some more details on how I hope to progress.

In the mean time, HAPPY NEW YEAR!.

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