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Things I have done in my life.

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Doug Gault
·May 24, 2017·

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Maybe it’s the fact that I’m coming up on my 50th birthday. Maybe it’s that I’m kind of at a crossroads in my career. Maybe its because I’m a sappy sentimentalist that just like to nostalgically recount his experiences.

Whatever it is that drove me, a few months ago I started writing down the things I have accomplished in my life. As the weeks moved on I’d think of something else and write it down. To date I’ve compiled quite a list and going over it, I feel very proud of what I’ve done. Hopefully this list will continue to grow.

I’m not sharing this to brag. Some of the things I would definitely not brag about. I’m sharing this to encourage people to create their own lists. You may be surprised at what’s on it. If not, get out of your comfort zone and live life! Stop thinking What if? and start thinking Why Not!

Things I have done in my life

  • Lived on another continent
  • Loved unconditionally
  • Risked everything to do something that I didn’t know whether I could do
  • Given up everything for love
  • Become a recognized expert in a technical field
  • Built and sold a company
  • Completely failed and rebuilt my life
  • Sold everything I own, twice
  • Written a book (4 actually)
  • Lived completely outside of my comfort zone
  • Learned a martial art
  • Seen the remains of an incarnation of Buddha
  • Prayed with a Buddhist monk, baptist minister, catholic priest and a shaman
  • Seen someone I love die
  • Met and conversed with celebrities
  • Dined in the UK Houses of Parliament
  • Learned about wine
  • Visited 4 of 7 continents (working on the other 3)
  • Learned another language
  • Felt true passion
  • Stood up for what I believed regardless of the cost
  • Performed a completely selfless act
  • Left a relationship I knew to be “safe” because I knew it wasn’t right for me
  • Changed several people’s perception about what it means to be gay
  • Helped raise a child
  • Sabotaged something good in my life because I didn’t think I deserved it
  • Been poorer than most people can imagine
  • Earned more money than I thought I ever could or would
  • Started a business and FAILED!
  • Escaped small town midwest life to become a world citizen
  • Been plucked from death by an unseen force
  • Been a professional dancer
  • Mastered a musical instrument
  • Sung in front of thousands of people
  • Been brought to tears by beauty
  • Been completely and utterly rejected
  • Built something from scratch
  • Cooked a meal of 4 star restaurant quality
  • Owned over 30 cars
  • Rescued an animal
  • Killed for my dinner
  • Celebrated my birthday twice by crossing the international date line
  • Skied a double black diamond
  • Taken drugs
  • Married the person I love
  • Considered taking my own life
  • Written poetry
  • Longed for something so much it made me physically ill
  • Disappointed my parents
  • Cut my family out of my life
  • Lost friends to AIDS
  • Come close to death
  • Cruised the Caribbean
  • Seen an Alaskan glacier calve
  • Hiked where few people have ever walked
  • Been diagnosed with a life threatening illness
  • Lied to feel more popular
  • Been so scared I could not move
  • Had a panic attack
  • Shared a rare intimate and personal moment with a complete stranger
  • Had an unrequited love
  • Been physically abused in a relationship
  • Been beaten up and bullied at school
  • Worked in a factory
  • Spoken in front of hundreds of people
  • Taught people my skills
  • Laughed till I cried
  • Contributed to Open Source Projects
  • Stolen food when I had no money to pay for it.
  • Broken my shoulder
  • Seen a Psychic
  • Been awarded the highest accolades for my profession
  • Opened and run an art gallery


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