Carl Bacskstrom

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I did not know Carl personally as I only met him once or twice, but I have dealt with him via e-mail and online for quite some time. His loss is tragic and he will be sorely missed by the Oracle and APEX Community. All of our thoughts are with his family.

Invited to present at the 2008 ODTUG APEX Exposed training event.

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Well, it’s official… I’ll be presenting “Performance Tuning APEX Applications” at the APEX EXPOSED event. I’m in the process of updating the presentation based on feedback from audiences and friends who have seen the presentation, so if you have any favorite APEX performance tuning tips, please let me know. I’ll give full credit in the presentation to those that submitted …

A very interesting Open question on Oracle Mix

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José Carlos Monteiro posed a question on Oracle Mix that I would really love to see some answers to. His question was… Please, can you describe here in Oracle Mix your current working environment for APEX solutions, from Development stage to Production stage? I’m looking for answers about: Version Control Configuration Management Continuous Integration & Build Unit Testing Functional Testing …

My Performance Tuning Presentation up for vote on Oracle Mix.(SHAMELESS PLUG)

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As has been mentioned by Carl, Dimitri and many others, there is a vote going on at Oracle Mix to help decide what presentations and sessions YOU would like to see at Oracle Open World. I’ve posted a presentation I’ve written on Performance Tuning ApEx Applications, so if you would like to see that at Open World then, please vote …

Finally upgrading to 3.1.1

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In the wonderful world of commercial software development, adoption of technology tends to happen in a bit of a “leap-frog” fashion. For instance, our current release of HAWCS is coded using 2.2.1 of ApEx, but we’re getting ready to add some new features to our upcoming 2.1 release that very specifically take advantage of ApEx 3.1 features. In some ways, …