Coming Full Circle.

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In April’s blog post, I alluded to the fact that the future had a number of changes in store and that I wasn’t exactly sure what shape those changes would take. Since April, a lot has happened; avenues have been explored, opportunities have been entertained, and decisions have been made. It’s been a very interesting few weeks, but I believe that the end result has been worth the time investment.

So it is with great pride and more than just a bit of nostalgia that I’d like to announce that Scott Spendolini, Tim St.Hilaire and I have re-launched Sumner Technologies; the original company that Scott and I ran together way back in the day.

We’re going to be focusing out efforts on the following areas:

  • APEX Consulting
  • APEX Education
  • Security Reviews
  • APEX Architecture
  • Health Checks
  • Oracle Database Cloud Technology
We’re also going to be working on bringing some SaaS offerings to market, but that will have to wait for a different blog post.
I’m excited to start this new chapter of the story and especially excited to be able to provide the types of hard-hitting offerings that can really make a difference to companies using or looking to use APEX.
Come visit the web site, and connect with us on social media! Hope to see you all at KSCOPE15.

Twitter: @sumnertech

PS. Many thanks to the crew at Studio Cufflink for the incredible re-branding job they did for us. Incredible work and amazingly professional, even after a bit of a false start on our part. If you need brand Identity work – USE THEM!

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