APEX Printing in Depth – OOW Sunday Symposium

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If you’re going to Oracle Open World and will be there for the ODTUG Sunday APEX Symposium, then you’re in for quite an interesting set of sessions. When discussing what would be a good topic for this year’s set of presentations, we wanted to focus on an area within APEX from which everyone could gain some benefit. Although there are many different topics we could have addressed, the one that kept coming to the forefront, and the one that we knew everyone would have some interest in was generating printable PDF’s from APEX.

If you’ve been in the APEX world for any length of time, you know that “Printing Ain’t Easy”.  Although there are a number of potential solutions to the print problem they all come with their benefits and caveats. This years symposium is aimed at presenting four of the possible solutions, how to implement them and the features, benefits and drawbacks of each. 

Here’s the Schedule:

 All presentations will take place Sunday, September 22 in Moscone West – Room 2005.

If you interested in generating PDF reports from APEX, then these sessions are not to be missed.

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