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As I mentioned in my last post, on June 1, 2009 I joined the team at Sumner Technologies. Since then, Scott Spendolini and I have been working on Sumner’s portfolio to broaden the scope of what we’re offering.

New items include SumnerPrint, a PL/SQL-based solution that allows you to easily print APEX reports to PDF, HTML and XLS, and SumnerFramework, an application security and management framework for APEX. We’re also working on several new courses and service offerings.

As part of the inevitable website changes, we’ve introduced a new company blog. We’ll be using this blog to provide information about products, services and training classes that we provide as well as unique technical tips and tricks on APEX and other Oracle-related technologies.

You can subscribe to the SumnertechBlog at

I’ll still be updating my blog, but it will become much more personal, and much less about Oracle and APEX.

And don’t forget to come visit us at ODTUG KALAIDOSOPE!

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