About Me

Professional Stuff

I like to think I have a bit of a unique background that merges both technical expertise and business experience. I’ve been on both sides of the IT wall as a consultant and a business owner. I’ve done design, development, product management, marketing, as well as managed teams of both internal developers and consultants.

I was introduced to Oracle in 1989 with version 5.1b and have been using it ever since, mostly as a developer with a short detour into the world of Database Administration.

I’m currently an Oracle Technical Lead at DRW, which means I get to work with a lot of cool Oracle technology while at the same time being an advocate in the real world.

My particular areas of expertise are:

  • Oracle APEX
  • SQL
  • PL/SQL
  • Data Modeling

I’ve authored and co-authored a number of books:

  • Beginning Oracle Application Express 4
  • Beginning Oracle Application Express 4.2
  • Beginning Oracle Application Express 5.0
  • Expert Oracle Application Express

Personal Stuff

As much as I love my chosen profession, I have always tried my hardest to have interests outsdie of I.T. Getting away from what you do every day helps you see it with new eyes when you come back to it.

Since before I learned to drive, I've loved cars. Our family always took road-trip style vacations (usually to see relatives). During the time I've been driving I've had over 30 cars, both classic and modern. I'm currently driving a 2019 BMW i3 as my main car. It's a sickness. And I love it!

I grew up in rural Iowa, in a small town by the name of Humeston, with a population of about 600 people at the time. Growing up, my biggest goal was to get out! However, I never imagined that I would travel as much of the world as I have. Travel is definitely an ongoing passion for me and I do it whenever I can.

Although I have always liked art, I really became drawn to it in my late 20's and early 30's. I was living in the UK outside of London and had access to some of the best museums in Europe on my doorstep. This taught me an appreciation for art and is where I fell in love with Surrealism. It wasn't until I met my husband, Joey, that my interest became a passion. Now, seeking out modern art in galleries and museums around the world has become a key part of our travel agenda.