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Having just re-read quite a few of my previous blog posts (especially the last two), I can see that over the last while I’ve been a bit restless and unsettled.

Looking back over my career recently I realized that I’ve been doing consulting for probably 20+ of my 28 year tenure. I don’t regret any part of it as it’s taken me all over the world, introduced me to some amazing people and given me hundreds of memorable work and personal experiences.

But if I look at the last 10 years, the things that I’ve most enjoyed have not been consulting. For instance:

  • My stint as Lead Architect at TXI (where I initially came in contact with HTMLDB) actually kept me from getting out of IT all together.
  • My time as Product Development Director for Hotsos was amazingly rewarding as I not only got to help create something from scratch, but got to manage and work with a great team of smart people for an extended period of time and was introduced to various different programming languages and technologies.
  • Working with Scott Spendolini at Sumneva to help create eSERT and eFramework was much the same. We were able to see a need, fill it, support it and watch it grow and succeed.
  • Working with the Enkitec team to help harden and productize a few of their offerings.

My next obvious question was where to go. And after thinking long and hard about that and examining all the options available to me, one option stuck out in my mind as the next logical step. Over the 28 years I’ve been working with Oracle technology, I’ve never actually worked for Oracle itself. And the prospect of doing so was very interesting to me.

So I decided to explore and reach out to a select group of people I knew inside of Oracle who might know of opportunities that I might be a fit for. As it turns out, Mike Hichwa had just the thing.

NewImageStarting October 5th, I’ll join Mike’s group and be working on Oracle’s Cloud solutions. I’ll initially be working on a number of Back-Office APEX applications that help monitor and maintain the various cloud offerings and communicate between operations, account managers and customers. From there I’m sure that Mike and Kris Rice have a list as long as their arms of things they’ll want me to jump in to.

While I see joining Oracle as a huge opportunity, it also means a number of things that I’ll have to leave behind:

First, I’ll be leaving my friends and long time business partners, Scott Spendolini and Tim St. Hilaire, behind to continue with Sumner Technologies alone. I have no doubt that they will continue to make a success of whatever they attack. But it will be weird to be moving in a different direction for the first time in what seems like forever.

Second, joining Oracle means giving up being an ACE Director. The ACE Program has helped me in ways that I cannot express. It helped me focus my energies, become a better ambassador for Oracle, and allowed me to meet and socialize with people that I might now have otherwise been able to. I’ll not only miss the ACE Members, but the lovely people who administer the program. It’s been fun y’all!

Lastly, by joining Oracle so close to OOW, it means that headcount was already set and approved so I won’t be seeing any of you at OOW this year. Maybe next year and probably at the demo grounds!

I’m really looking forward to starting my new adventure and will endeavor to blog as much as I can about my experiences and what I’m learning and doing.

Good luck to Scott and Tim at Sumner as well. Success for everyone!

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  1. Congratulations Doug!!! Some of my fondest memories are when I worked for Oracle

    You are starting day 3, hope all is going well.



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