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ComputerThose who know me probably know I’ve been a Mac convert for a number of years. At home I have several Macs for various purposes, but at work I have a MacBook Air and a 27″ Cinema Display that I use to do most of my work.

I’ve always had a problem with the fact that the Mac menu bar always stayed hovering down on the main screen of the Mac, forcing me to break concentration from my work, move my mouse down to the lower screen, click the menu and then navigate back up.

Yes, I know that you can change the position of the menu to which ever one you want, but that doesn’t solve the problem completely. What if what I’m working on is in the bottom screen and I’ve moved the menu bar to the top.

MenuEverywhere to the rescue!

I stumbled across this little gem on MacUpdate while searching online for a solution to my mad mouse scrolling problems.

MenuEverywhere give you lots of options including duplicating the menu bar on secondary screens, attaching an apps menu bar to the app itself (a la WINDOZE), allowing a pop-up menu bar based on a shortcut or button, etc.

It also give you full control over look and feel, fonts, styles and so on.

Now, I don’t have to break concentration to get to the working menu that I need.

All is now right with the world again.

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