Using APACHE ANT to build APEX projects.

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At Oracle Open World 2012, Scott Spendolini and I did a presentation entitled “Developing Commercial APEX Applications”. One of the topics that seemed to get a lot of attention and a number of questions was automating our build process using ANT. Several people requested a copy of the ANT script, so instead of sending it out individually, I’ve decided to …

‘Growl’ style notification messages for APEX

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A question was asked in this thread on the APEX forums that got me itching to do a science experiment. The basic question was this: “Is it possible to produce ‘Growl’ style notifications in place of the standard APEX Success and Failure messages?” In short the answer is an unequivocal ‘Yes’, and here’s how: First, unless you’re a JavaScript whiz …

APEX 4.1 Early Adopter Available.

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The APEX team has once again surpassed expectations and has released the Early Adopter version or APEX 4.1 on A list of what’s new appears in the Feature Description application, but both Joel Kallman and David Peake warn that there is likely to be more in the final production release. After having a look at the features, here are …

Beginning Oracle Application Express 4

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That’s the title of the book I’ve agreed to write for APRESS, or at least the working title. The book will be aimed at new comers to Application Express, introducing them to the environment via the development of a full system and using as many of the new features as possible. However, I’m hoping that it will be useful for …

Refreshing Flash Charts with AJAX.

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NOTE: This post makes use of internal APEX JavaScript that is not part of the standard public API’s. Therefore it is likely not supported, so use at your own risk! ————————– Yesterday, I ran across this post on the OTN APEX Forums. The problem was basically this. Say you have a chart which you want to refresh each time someone …

Headed to RMOUG

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All my bags are packed, and ready to go…. IN about 2 hours I’ll be stepping out the door to head to the Rocky Mountain Oracle user Group (RMOUG). Both Scott Spendolini and I will be presenting there on behalf of Sumneva. Scott will be presenting Troubleshooting Oracle Apex on Tuesday, and I’ll be presenting Performance Tuning APEX Applications and …

JavaScript and Dates.

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If you’ve ever tried to work with date manipulation and formatting in JavaScript, then you know what a hassle it can be. While trying to solve a particularly itchy problem with dates, I ran across this post by Steven Levithan that everyone should be aware of. He’s put together a very nice little Java Script library that lets you format …

Carl Bacskstrom

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I did not know Carl personally as I only met him once or twice, but I have dealt with him via e-mail and online for quite some time. His loss is tragic and he will be sorely missed by the Oracle and APEX Community. All of our thoughts are with his family.